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Give your Facade some MOJO

When people build their dream home, they want their friends to pull up out the front and be totally in awe. Most people want their house to have street appeal and that wow factor; they want it to be impressive now, and in years to come.

There are a few things to consider so your facade reflects a little bit of you and your personality. Firstly, there are many elements of your facade that might be determined by the design guidelines of the estate you choose to build in. For example, the design guidelines of an estate in the Hunter stipulate that homes must incorporate elements such as large verandahs, pitched roofs and gables. They may need to feature sandstone, metal deck roofs, weatherboard and timber. In another estate near Sydney your home may have to feature wall cladding in brick, natural stone or clear finished timber, a feature that cannot be painted. If these design guidelines don’t reflect the look you want to create, you need to search for another estate to build your home or adjust your image to suit your chosen estate!

Dynamic facades can be created using a range of different elements. If you are after a rendered finish to make your home stand out from the crowd, consider building with Hebel. Add some colour and have some fun with paint to bring out your personality in your facade. Hebel is made from aerated concrete. It has great thermal and acoustic benefits and is kind to the environment.

A statement can also be made by the pitch of your roof. Skillion and parapet roof lines are preferred in some estates and can give your home a dynamic edge. Bold lines make a strong statement and add some wow factor. Another great option for adding a touch of personality to your home is choosing an amazing front door, whether it be painted or left a natural timber, the choice is yours.

At MOJO Homes we take a lot of guidelines into consideration when designing our homes, doing a lot of the hard work for you. This means that added extras that are sometimes required to comply with design guidelines are often covered in our facade price. You can thank us later!

So, when it’s time to choose your facade, have a bit of fun and live passionately – we can show you how!

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