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After bright wall colours to reflect your personality? We can help you with that. Want a distinctive kitchen splashback that’ll raise eyebrows? We can help you out with that too. In fact, we can guide you through every fitting, fixture and home design choice to make sure your MOJO home reflects your personality, taste, style and of course, budget.



So much more than just bricks and mortar

The MyChoice Design Studio gives you the opportunity to cover off on every aspect of your home, from the bricks and mortar colour to the direction of the handles in the ensuite, not to mention the finishing touches for your flooring, window furnishings and driveways.

There are even electrical specialists to help you select the right light fittings, position of your power outlets and entertainment systems. You can also choose your heating and cooling options without leaving the design studio. And everything you do with our team is incorporated into your personal floor plan using our interactive software.

MyChoice Design Studio


MyChoice Design Studio-4 Steps

Appointment duration: approx 2 hours 

Congratulations! We’re thrilled that you made the decision to build your dream home with us! Now that you have paid your initial acceptance fee, your Interior Designer will invite you to attend your Walk Through appointment at our MyChoice Design Studio. 

During this two hour appointment, our qualified Interior Designers will assist in sharing with you the studio, your beautiful package of inclusions and bonus items and a world of other options available to you. In addition to this, we also make use of our MyChoice ‘Style Quiz’ to determine what Style your home may be. Your Interior Designer will spend one on one time with you as part of your appointment to help you prepare for your next appointment. We will be able to provide assistance on specific design features that you may wish to consider as part of your new home fundamental to your style.

MyChoice Design Studio-5 Steps

Appointment duration: approx 4 hours 

Once you have accepted your Scope of Works and your plans have been accepted, your next appointment will be held in the MyChoice Design Studio to select your external colours within your preferred style. You will be selecting items such as bricks, render colours*, window and garage door colours, as well as feature external materials and more. Our expert qualified interior designers will help you every step of the way. Once your external colours have been selected, these colours will be used to for submission of your building approvals with the relevant authorities. Upon conclusion of selecting your external colours, your interior designer will spend some one on one time with you to help prepare for your internal colours appointment. We will be able to provide assistance on specific design features and colours within your preferred style that you may wish to include as part of your new home. We will note your must-haves and wants and provide you with advice that will suit your budget.

MyChoice Design Studio-5 Steps

Appointment duration: approx 7 hours 

Your Interior Design appointment starts with your style. We discuss functional design which will focus on how foresee enjoying the many areas of your dream home. From benchtops to cabinetry, flooring to tile heights, paint finishes to tapware products and even the accessories you’ve considered for when you move in, your qualified Interior Design Consultant will thoroughly discuss and plan the styling and delivery of your home so you’re aware of all the options and we get the final styling right for you.

MyChoice Design Studio-5 Steps

Appointment duration: approx 2 hours 

Your Lighting and Electrical appointment is where you add the final requirements, adding the finishing touches that make your house a home. From the functionality of lighting and connectivity to the perfect lighting selection and layout to compliment your style, we help create spaces for memories to be made! 

From task lighting to mood lighting and heating, you will be able to select the locations and design of light switches, powerpoints and feature lighting, as well as alarm systems, intercom systems, underfloor heating, home entertainment and much more. You will have the option to attend either a one and a half hour or a three-hour appointment, depending on how much you wish to include in your new home. How you light your rooms reflects how that space feels.

MyChoice Design Studios

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Our MOJO MORE Inclusions

From the moment you enjoy your first Walk Through appointment at your local MyChoice Design Studio, you will understand why we say, we give you MORE at MOJO. We believe that bare basic home inclusions will not do for your home, so enjoy choosing from a vast selection of fittings, fixtures, colours and materials to bring your home to life!