Feng Shui Home Techniques

Feng Shui Living Room

Feng Shui techniques are a great way to ensure your new home looks like it has been styled by a professional (yes they use Feng Shui), as well as adding continuity and harmony to your lifestyle.

Feng Shui Home

By definition, Feng Shui, or wind and water, is the way an environment is arranged to allow energy or “chi” to flow through a room. This in turn will make you feel good and help you to live passionately!


According to MOJO's Interior Designer Sandra Lockhart, the practice of Feng Shui shouldn’t be overwhelming.

“A few simple Feng Shui techniques can significantly improve the layout, look and feel of a room. You can start small when it comes to Feng Shui and build up from there,” Sandra says.

“Keep in mind, that this is your new home, so doing what you love when it comes to styling will leave you feeling empowered and ultimately this is good Feng Shui!”

Here are a few easy tips and techniques to use Feng Shui in your new home:

1. Clear out your clutter


Get rid of everything you do not love. Before you move into your new home do a clean out of cupboards, the garage, your basement, everywhere. Do not bring clutter with you and keep it out of the house once you’ve moved in. According to the principles of Feng Shui this also includes not storing items under your bed.

2. Make the space outside your front door as appealing as possible.

Keep the door clean, buy a new doormat and make sure you keep the space clutter free. Place a shoe container near the front door to store those mud filled footy boots! Your front door area leaves a lasting impression with guests and also allows positive energy to flow into your home.

3. Hang a mirror

Mirrors can do all kinds of tricks like enhancing natural light and moving energy through a room. In Feng Shui terms a big mirror reflecting a table is said to bring good fortune.

4. Introduce indoor plants

Plants not only look great and add colour to a room. In Feng Shui terms they have the added benefit of acting as an air-purifier. Using plants in combination with open doors and windows allows fresh air to circulate through your home helping move your chi from room to room.

5. What’s in a rug?

Including a rug in your dining room will make the room feel more intimate and according to Feng Shui, encourages conversation.  Rugs are considered grounding and help develop a house into a home - they are also great for a pop of colour or to add texture to a room.

6. Use a variety of shapes

Squares, circles, triangles or rectangles – include them all! Each shape represents a different element and brining them into your home can help connect you to the chi now running through your home. Squares represent the earth, circles and ovals represent metal, rectangles represent wood and triangles represent fire. Your living room will feel most balanced if you include them all.

If you’re looking for a unique look in your home, why not try a circle dining table!

By following these six easy Feng Shui steps you’ll feel chi radiating from each room, which will help you live a healthy, happy and successful life in your new MOJO Home.


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