Benefits of building new


Deciding whether to buy an established property or buy land and build a new home is a big decision. Here are some of the benefits of building your own dream home:  


Personal style

When looking at established homes, there’s a good chance not everything is going to be to your liking. For example, the choice of tiles and fittings in the bathroom, the colour of the kitchen splashback and benchtops, the flooring and even the roof tiles and/or bricks. Sure, these can be replaced or modified over time, but even cosmetic renovations can be expensive, so you have to be sure to have room in your budget for those things down-the-track. When you build a MOJO home, you choose every single inclusion in your MyChoice Design Studio selections appointments. This includes internal, external and electrical. Having access to these appointments with our fully qualified interior designers ensure your personal style is evident throughout your home – inside and out. Plus, with the MOJO MORE standard inclusions, you can enjoy luxury inclusions such as a Colorbond steel roof, stone benchtops and flooring as standard when you build a MOJO Home. 



When you purchase an established home, nine times of out ten, the layout will be a compromise. Of course, this can be changed through renovations, but reno’s can be expensive. When building new, you get to choose a design that fits your lifestyle now and into the future. MOJO offers a home design for everyone, including Single-Storey, Double-Storey, Acreage, Dual Living, Split Level, Granny Flats and homes designed for Narrow Blocks. MOJO’s new home designs are a breath of fresh air, offering freedom and an unsurpassed flow that enhance life's magical everyday moments.


Energy efficiency

New homes are more likely to be built to a higher energy efficient standard, meaning big savings in running costs. When you build your home, you can consider things such as solar, energy efficient appliances, building materials that assist with energy efficiency such a fiber cement cladding or thermally efficient Hebel walls, plus grey water systems.  


Low Maintenance

Having a brand new home means there’s not as many things that need repairing and less upkeep. Apart from landscaping, a distinct advantage with building a new MOJO home is knowing you won’t have to put any money towards maintenance for the next few years.  MOJO Homes also offer a two year warranty for minor defects and a 25-year structural guarantee on the structural elements of your home, including your frames, trusses and even your concrete slab.


First Home Buyer’s assistance

If you’re a first home buyer, you may be eligible for grants which are only available to those who build or purchase a new home, and for exemptions or concessions on stamp duty. When building new, you only pay stamp duty on the cost of the land, not on the price of the home and land (which is the case when buying an existing home). These government incentives can make a big difference to your budget, making building a new home a lot more cost effective and achievable for those looking to get into the market. 


Quality assurance

When you choose a reputable builder such as MOJO Homes, you know you’re getting their uncompromised standard of build. You can monitor each stage of construction through the MyHome Customer Portal and can rest assured knowing the kind of quality materials and techniques that have gone into building your new home. Plus, backed by the MJH Group with over 30 years’ experience, MOJO Homes are quietly confident our quality services will allow our customers to Live Passionately now and into the future.

Value for Money

For many, the thought of building a brand-new home can be daunting. It can be more time-consuming and there are lots of decisions to be made. However, building new with a reputable builder can also give you more bang for your buck. You may be surprised by just how much you can get in terms of size and inclusions when you build a home from scratch. New home builds also employ the latest construction techniques and modern and sustainable building materials. Plus, MOJO Homes offer a range of  inclusions as standard that other builders call upgrades with our MOJO MORE Inclusions



Many first home buyers or those looking to relocate choose to build in new, planned communities. When you choose a new community, you are usually sharing the experience with others who are in a similar situation, making it easier to bond and feel at home in your new location. Planned communities frequently have easy access to transport, retail, recreation, jobs, education, healthcare and other facilities that are appealing to a large audience. From parks and walkways to gyms and café’s, these locations offer you and your family a lifestyle you truly deserve.