Bathe In Bliss


There’s nothing quite like a beautiful Bathroom that makes your home feel like a retreat from the busy world. To make the most of staying indoors, the team at MOJO have put together a handy guide on seven easy steps for turning your MOJO bathroom into your own private at-home spa right now. What are you waiting for? Self-pampering starts now! 

How to turn your bathroom into a spa experience:

1.    Clean your tub and declutter

Okay, this may not seem like the ideal way to start off your relaxing spa, but your body and mind will thank us after. One of the biggest causes of stress is clutter. Throw away those dusty shampoo bottles that are taking up space and wipe away the rings of shower gel. 

2.    Add some greenery 

Plants promote a relaxing and calming environment. You do not have to go overboard but adding greenery to the bathroom is a great way of bringing nature inside. Try a Boston Fern, African Violets or Chinese Evergreens in either plant hangers or pots. 

3.    Set the mood with music 

There is an abundance of ambient playlists available on Spotify or Apple music that will transport you to heaven. Alternatively, pop on your favourite throw back tunes or todays greatest hits to sing along to. 

4.    Dim the lights

Turn the lights down and get the candles out. Not only will the calmness of the candle create a relaxed atmosphere, the smell will be divine too.

5.    Invest in a tray 

A tub tray is available from most homewares stores, lay it across the width of your bathtub and keep all your essentials close to you. This gives you a shelf to hold your book, laptop, snacks and most importantly your glass of wine. Hello to not having to constantly to bend over the ledge of your bath to pick everything up. 

6.    Soak 

Soak in soothing essential oils or pop in your favourite bath bomb or bath salts. Try combinations of eucalyptus, lavender, or peppermint for total relaxation. The salts and oils will work to soften and detoxify your skin.

7.    Facemask 

Top your retreat off with an ultra-hydrating face mask. For the full spa effect, invest in a jade roller to really bring the nutrients to your skin. 

Bathe in bliss with a 1,600mm Clark round freestanding bath included in every MOJO Home as part of our MOJO MORE specification. Because we want you to get MORE with MOJO! Pictured is our Nautica 36 at HomeWorld Warnervale.