Tips for choosing a Home Design


When building a new home, it’s important to consider what design options are going to be affordable, functional and aesthetically pleasing for you and your family. Selecting a design that makes the best use of your chosen block and its unique site and environment factors will have a major impact on the comfort and quality of living in your new home. 

With so many MOJO Home designs available, you’re spoilt for choice when selecting your dream home. It may be easy to feel overwhelmed, but we have created a list of top tips to consider when it comes to choosing your new home design. 


When it comes to choosing your new home, it is important that the design makes the most of your block and location. Before you start looking at home layouts, consider the size and shape of your lot. This information will impact your decision, as some home styles will fit the space better than others.
Understanding your location and the scenery surrounding you will also help you to choose between a single and two storey design.
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Take a look at the styles you like and note what features attract you. 
When looking at designs you enjoy, remember to look beyond the exterior and how the home is set up inside. Certain styles have limited wiggle room with the interior floorplan based on the size and shape. Make a shortlist of styles you like to narrow down your options and consider the flow of the home plans you want.


Before selecting a design, you should consider what your important must haves that should be included in your new Home. Break your list into things you must have, things you want to have, and things that would be nice if possible. If you are building your first home, a stepping stone to a larger home in the future, then you might be able to live without some of the luxuries.

Factors to consider when deciding how many bedrooms you will require may include, how long will be in this Home, do you have future children in mind as well as dual occupancy. 

Would you love to have a Home office to work from and a home theatre to relax in? Do you love the benefits of a butler’s pantry? Do you love coming home and relaxing in a freestanding tub hidden away in your Ensuite? Think about the way you love to live along with anything you might have planned in the future and the features that help you live that way – these are your must haves.


Between developer guidelines and local council requirements, it can be difficult to know every requirement for your house and block of land. Your Building and New Home Consultant will be a wealth of knowledge when it comes to understanding the details, like the frontage and setback of your new home. They are there to help you choose the design that you love within the unique requirements of the developer of the region you choose to build in. Speak to your Consultant before making any decisions around the design and façade of your new home to ensure you aren’t disappointed down the track. 


Before choosing the design for your new home, you should always know what your maximum budget is to spend on the entire build, including the cost to build the home, the additional upgrades that you would like to add from the MyChoice Design Studio. It is also a good idea to consider if you would like to put any additional money in your budget for unforeseen site conditions encountered during construction. 

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