Maximise space in your landscape design


The blueprint of your home & land will have a large influence on the design of your landscape. Most things are achievable on a flat block; however, most blocks are not flat.

Consulting with a landscape architect in the early stages of your project will not only save you time but money, ensuring your landscaping is in unison with your house design and existing neighbouring levels. 

MYARD Landscape Design have shared their expert knowledge on how to make the best use of space in your landscape design. 


A landscape architect can help you navigate some of the most problematic barriers with designing your outdoor spaces.  Restrictions of land use can be very bewildering & frustrating to understand. Your project will be zoned under different areas such as, rural, residential, or even an environmental zone. Each of these have certain rules and restrictions that must be adhered to, to achieve approvals. 

Within your property you may have other hidden restrictions that limit what can be achieved to your project when landscaping. These include easements within your boundaries, BAL fire zones, and Flood zones, plus many more. An experienced landscape architect will help you decipher and resolve any restriction by consultation and providing you with a professional landscape plan. 

The initial process of problem solving will not only allow you to design a garden that complements your new home but will allow you to create areas that are functional and aesthetically pleasing. You will be able to understand the best use of space for your garden that suits your family, and their lifestyle. 


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Retaining walls are a need, not a want, not only are they used for structural purposes to fight the gravity of your land, but they can also add elements of design and functionality done correctly, creating flat, practical, and safe areas. Not addressing retaining walls at the early stages of your project could become very costly. 

It is also important to understand that different councils will have different requirements for retaining walls, a landscape architect can help you navigate the approvals process.


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Most homeowners have a vison of what landscaping elements they desire, some of the top must haves are; incorporating a swimming pool into a garden whether it be a standard pool or a luxury custom pool with a spa, for pure indulgence. 

Entertainment areas are high on the list, people love the continuation of the indoor / outdoor living and want to make the most of their space all year round. 

Parents love to see their children playing outside, incorporating a level green space brings enjoyment to the whole family. An opulence most parents would desire is an area that is intimate, calm, and quiet allowing them to escape and enjoy the morning sun, a coffee or just read a book. 


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Most properties have the “dead zone”, usually on one side of the house or an awkward area that may include stairs or split levels, there are smart ways of bringing practicality to these areas. Your garden walls and fences can provide extra growing space. Climbing plants are an obvious option but also consider pouches and wall hanging pots.


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Using pots or garden beds to create your own edible garden is a great way of providing inexpensive herbs and vegetables to your family, these areas can also be used for utility spaces, garden sheds, clotheslines, bin storage and composting. 

Most problems that arise with landscaping your garden are best solved at the beginning of your project, allowing enough time for the design process and necessary approvals.