Steel Frames

What gives a new home extra personality and style? Artwork of course!

Every new home should have artwork adorning its freshly painted walls. Art is a great talking point, it can tell a story and helps create the heart and soul of a home. Let’s face it, bare walls can be a little boring! 

MOJO Homes have seen a lot of questions from customers regarding hanging art or fixing items on homes with steel frames and we’re here to tell you it’s a lot simpler than you thought.

Fixing items in a home that is built with steel is essentially the same as fixing items in a home that is built with timber. The only difference is, you cannot nail into steel. 

Here are a few ways to fix with steel frames.

Most picture frames and lighter items can be adequately supported by a variety of commonly available plasterboard anchors fixed straight to the wall/gyprock. Be sure to use a fitting that is approved for gyprock and check the weight capacity.

Heavier items, such as TVs or shelving can be drilled and screwed directly into the studs and the studs can be easily located with a magnet or stud finders, which are readily available from hardware stores. You’ll need to use a fine point screw, then fix into the stud and secure well (pilot hole is not required). 

How can I easily find the studs in my wall and avoid electrical cables when drilling?


A range of stud finders are readily available from hardware stores. The basic versions detect metal studs through up to 19mm of plasterboard and have a visual/audio alert when in proximity to live 240V cabling.

Important notice: MOJO Homes accepts no responsibility with regards to mounting third party products. Make sure you read product specifications and manuals.

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Don't forget, MOJO Homes offer steel frames, trusses and joists as standard in every new home. No upgrade required! Head to our Offers and Resources page to read more about this amazing inclusion.