Customise your MOJO Home

Lido Narrow Block House Design with 5 Bedrooms

Have everything you have ever dreamt of in a Home by MOJO Homes. When you build with MOJO Homes, you can personalise our versatile floor plans to ensure your new home has everything you imagined, while still complying with council requirements. 


With a stunning selection of innovative and cutting-edge home designs, never seen before in NSW, MOJO is the number one choice for the style savvy. Innovation, style, energy and functionality are all amplified by our team to deliver a flow that distinctly sets us apart from the rest. And when it comes to unique flow, this delivers versatile spaces that you and your family can enjoy and where you can do the things you love, so you can Live Passionately every day.


MOJO's Home designs offer a number of additional features and click-on options that allow our customers to create the perfect floor plan to suit their individual needs. 
Additional features are included on existing floor plans, such as a Home Theatre, Home Office, or Walk-In Pantry, whereas click-on options allow you to slightly modify the existing floor plan by adding more space for extra features including a Butler's Pantry, Wet Room or Grand Outdoor Living. Possibly the best thing about MOJO’s click on options, is that they have been curated by our design team which reduces the risk of your plans becoming non compliant, as opposed to making on the fly changes. Our click ons are also pre priced,  meaning we can offer you more transparency on price upfront. 
Visit the Enigma 46 at Box Hill for click on options of a Butler’s Pantry and Grand Stair Case.


Did you know it is possible to flip our floor plans? With the option to flip your floor plan MOJO Homes allow you the best opportunity to capture the best of the Aussie elements. 
New Home Consultant Lea from our Waterford Living Display says, "We offer the option of flipping the Home to suit the solar aspect of the clients lot, so that the morning sun comes through into their Living area and also to try avoid siting the Home with the Outdoor Living area facing the hot westerly sun".


Make your home your own at the MyChoice Design Studio. Our team of expert Interior Designers can guide you through all the design decisions, to help you create your one-of-a-kind MOJO home. 

The MyChoice Design Studio gives you the opportunity to cover off on every aspect of your home, from the bricks and mortar colour to the direction of the handles in the ensuite, not to mention the finishing touches for your flooring, window furnishings and driveways.

There are even electrical specialists to help you select the right light fittings, position of your power outlets and entertainment systems. You can also choose your heating and cooling options without leaving the design studio. And everything you do with our team is incorporated into your personal floor plan using our state of the art software.

At MOJO we are passionate, enthusiastic, brave, bold, clever and creative. 
We strive to create new build homes that hug you like a warm embrace and encourage you to stay. We make spaces for fun, rooms for relaxation and areas where families and friends create memories that last a lifetime. We never accept the status quo and always look for ways to be different. Discover your next Home with MOJO Homes.