Construction loans made easy

Construction Loans

If you choose to build with MOJO, you have exclusive access to MyChoice Home Loans, offering an extensive range of construction home loans. Boasting home loan solutions perfect for you and your lifestyle, discover the options available such as First home, Construction, Investment, Bridging or Refinancing. MyChoice Home Loans make it easy.

Build & Save

MyChoice Home Loans can help you Build and Save. I bet you didn’t think you’d be reading those two words in the same sentence! With all construction loans, loan interest repayments are payable to your bank during construction. This is where MyChoice can provide you with access to a loan where you don’t pay interest repayments on your construction loan while you build (up to a maximum of $12,000)! This will not only save you money, it will help you get ahead whilst you build. No other broker or bank can offer this loan to you while you build your new home, so speak to MyChoice Home Loans today!


Want to know more about refinancing loans? MyChoice Home Loans have access to a panel of 30 lenders as well as managed loan products to provide you with tailored solutions to refinance your existing mortgage to a better deal that suits your specific needs. Speak to MyChoice today to refinance your existing loan(s) and get a better deal for you!

Make your home loan work harder for you

Tailoring your loan to suit your needs is important for both your short and long term outcomes. Set your loan up right the first time with MyChoice Home Loans. 

With access to loans with 100% offset during construction on both variable or fixed rates, Go-Between or Bridging finance construction loans with or without an end debt give you the opportunity to move once, without having the inconvenience of moving twice! MyChoice Home Loans specialise in getting a loan for your dream home, before selling the home you’re currently living in.

MyChoice provides you access to loan solutions which are not available with all brokers or direct with banks and are designed to work harder for your specific needs. Whether you’re a first, second, third time buyer or investor, talk to MyChoice Home Loans today to discuss your situation and find out how your loan can work harder for you to achieve your financial goals.

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