Choosing the right block of land

MOJO Homes

Whether you can already picture your dream home or you’re still in the process of getting the ball rolling. There are a few things to consider before you take the big leap of purchasing a block of land. 


There is a lot to consider when selecting the ideal community and choosing a great neighbourhood will have a big influence on how happy you are in your new home. Important factors to consider include: Community facilities, shopping and convenience, education and childcare services, transport services and infrastructure. Enquiries should be made about any building proposals or future developments that are planned for the area as they may impact your plans.


Your new home design will depend on the size and shape of your land. Depending on what stage in your life you are up to will factor into the size of land needed for your home. 
Contributing factors including what stage of your life you are at will help determine the size of land required for your new home. A family with children or the prospect of having children soon will determine if room for a large yard is needed as well as multiple bedrooms and children’s activity room. In this case, a Double Storey Design might offer you more internal floor space, while still leaving room for a sizeable backyard. Young couples, commonly first home buyers and retirees may seek a low maintenance block with a smaller home design. 


Being aware of your limitations before purchasing a block of land is important. This will allow you to adapt your plans to suit your budget. Councils can have certain restrictions on such things as materials that can be used on your build, façade designs, fencing; all things that may limit your options when coming to build. Individual property developers may also have design covenants for their estates, so always check this when purchasing your block. 


Is your land located in a bushfire or flood zone? The higher the risk in the area will impact your insurance costs and ability to receive finance for your project.  You can find information about the zoning of your potential lot by using the NSW Governments e-planning tool, or by chatting with your land sales agent.


A big thing to consider when purchasing land is the availability of utility services such as power, gas, internet, water and sewerage to your lot. Determine whether these are already in place or if not, the costs of having them installed. 
MOJO Homes is proud to partner with leading residential solar provider, EnergyBuild, to future proof your new home. For all homes quoted and deposited after 1 July 2021, during your build, EnergyBuild will install:

  • 6.6kW Solar Panel System with Tier 1 Jinko Panels and 5kw SolaX Inverter
  • Free Electric Vehicle Charger in your new garage
  • Solar Inverter installed during construction for a nice clean look
  • Smart Energy App to track your usage and solar power on your phone


The amount of slope that is on the block of land may be an extra expense that will need to be included in your budget. If the block has significant fall, levelling can be costly. A sloping block will require quite a bit of preparation. It is likely that your builder will need to carve into the slope in order to create space for a level slab. In addition, retaining walls may be necessary to ensure stable soil.


It is essential to have your soil tested to determine the type and quality of the soil. Poor soil conditions can lead to foundation issues and increased building costs.


MOJO Homes offer a FREE quote and site inspection. It is our value and honesty policy to give you all known costs, including optional costs before you pay a deposit, in the form of a presented proposal, so you know exactly what’s included in your new home. 

If we can gain access to your lot, we will send a fully qualified surveyor to assess your block. If not, we will work with your developer issued contour plans to determine your full site costs upfront.

At MOJO we want you to have MORE certainty when it comes to building your new home. It is our value and honesty policy to give you all known costs, including optional costs before you pay a deposit, in the form of a presented proposal, so you know exactly what’s included in your new home. This means NO hidden surprises and NO questions unanswered.