Benefits of Building with Steel

Steel Frames

Build your future with the protection and strength of TRUECORE® Steel.

Steel Comes Standard

MOJO Homes offer 100% steel frames, trusses and joists as standard in every new home. No upgrade required! Enjoy more out of life, knowing that you can Live Passionately, now and long into the future with the inner strength and outer beauty of TRUECORE® Steel.

The key to a beautifully finished home is the way it starts. Read the benefits of building with Steel Frames below: 

•    Straight and true
•    No shrinking, twisting or warping 
•    100% Termite proof 
•    100% Insecticide free
•    Reassuring for you and your family 
•    Quick to install as they arrive to site pre-fabricated 
•    Inner strength and durability 
•    Won’t catch fire
•    Design versatility 
•    A great choice for modern Australian homes
•    Australian made for Australian conditions
•    Precision-engineered 
•    Impressive strength-to-weight ratio
•    25-year structural warranty 
•    Backed by BlueScope 

We know that the family home is your biggest investment, and it’s a long-term decision. That’s why since launching Steel as a standard inclusion with every MOJO home, many of our customers have chosen to build a steel frame home. Read more about Steel Frames on the TRUECORE® website or chat to a MOJO New Homes Sales Consultant today. 

Andrew Mavin, General Manager of Building & Operations for MOJO Homes shares his thoughts on building with TRUECORE® Steel Frames.

STEEL IS THE WAY OF THE FUTURE…Due to significant advancements in the manufacturing and engineering of steel over recent years, it is evident that steel is much more durable than timber. It’s the superior strength of Aussie TRUECORE® Steel that offers quality and consistency. While the quality of timber remains the same, steel has made improvements, resulting in a straight and true product, with no movement in the walls once the frames are installed.