Dual Living & Granny Flats

We understand that a little extra space can make a big difference to the way you live, so we’ve designed a range of exciting options to your main home. We don’t just build granny flats, we provide an extra living space for any member of the family. If the kids want to stay at home longer to get a head start, or you would like mum and dad to be a little closer, or perhaps you simply want an extra space for a dedicated home office, then this range of Granny Flats is sure to provide the perfect solution. Plus, should you be looking to house your family and generate extra income, then our dual living designs might be just for you.
These homes are a smart choice for future focussed homeowners.
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Price Range
Home Size
2 1 1 12
4 3 2 14
2 1 1 10
2 1 1 10
5 3 2 15
2 1 1 10