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At Mojo our homes are made with love and our mission is to spread it. Check out our blog each month to see how you can add a little mojo to your home!

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Change it up for the new season


The change of season is a great time to look at updating your interior colour palette.

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Study nooks take homework from ‘old-school’ to ‘super-cool’


The new school year is just days away so whether you’re celebrating or commiserating the end of the holidays, it’s time to get cracking and create a study space that makes those brain cells sizzle!

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Summer has never looked so cool!


The idyllic Australian summer: sun, surf and…well…more sun. It’s the stuff of award winning tourism campaigns and the very thought of it turns our northern hemisphere mates green with envy. But, let’s be real for a minute, sometimes summer just sucks.

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Bigger isn’t always better


Times are a changing and you’ll be pleased to know that the age old perception - bigger is better - just doesn’t cut it anymore. Mojo Homes are the masters of maximising meterage and they have created a range of super luxurious homes that turn the once unwanted small block into something wonderfully decadent.

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OMG…so loving solar!


Most of us have rough idea of what the energy burn is costing us as tragically we have to pay the quarterly bill. It costs in our pocket and it costs the planet. But Mojo Homes is now offering people the chance to power up homes at night while saving money and the planet.

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