Bradford SolarCharge Pack Optimal included with every Mojo Premium Home at No Extra Cost
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Turn on savings with solar energy from the first time you flick on the light switch.

Before solar battery storage options, extra energy from the sun was sent straight back through the grid or wasted altogether. The Tesla Powerwall, charged with a state of the art solar panel system holds enough energy to help power your home during the evening.

No hidden contracts to an energy provider. You choose. Take control of your power.

The Bradford Solar ChargePack Optimal 3.18kW PV System  included at no extra cost
  • 6.4kWh storage
  • Highly efficient high voltage DC coupled battery
  • Wall mounted - doesn't get in the way
  • Can be installed outdoors or indoors
  • Completely safe
  • Attractive design
  • No maintenance
  • Warranty: 10 years (Product)
SOLAREDGE INVERTER with monitoring
  • Full visibility - monitor the battery status, PV production and self-consumption data via cloud based platform and meter from your own personal device (usage monitor)
  • Free monitoring system updates
  • DC-coupled solution for optimal efficiency
  • 97.6% superior inverter efficiency
  • Tested and approved for Powerwall compatibility
  • Outdoor or indoor installation
  • Remote troubleshooting and software updates.
  • Warranty: 12 years (Product)
  • Poly-crystalline
  • Cell efficiency of up to 18.8 %
  • Outstanding low irradiance performance: 96.5 %
  • Excellent low-light performance
  • High resistance PID
  • Reliable quality even in harsh environments
  • Wind load up to 2400 Pa
  • Warranty: 10 years (Product)
is it time you were empowered by solar?
your homes appliances use:
Flat Screen TV 0.79 kWh/day
Refrigerator 1.3 kWh/day
Clothes Washer 1.07 kWh/day
Dishwasher 0.68 kWh/day
Dryer 0.64 kWh/day
Total 4.48 kWh/day
The typical daily household energy usage is 21kWh. If this sounds familiar, you need to take charge.
A Bradford Solar ChargePack gives you the power to store reliable, and affordable solar energy.
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