Summer Trends for your New Home

Oasis 31 Pastels

What’s hot this Summer?

MOJO have put together a list of our favourite Interior and Colour trends that are making waves this Summer. See our tips below for inspiration on how you can style your MOJO Home this season.

Interiors Trends

Warm Timbers: We are starting to see more warm timbers used in furniture and cabinetry, particularly in kitchens. This trend brings in warmth and a rustic, organic feel.  

Linen: Linen is a huge Summer trend, not only in fashion but also in your home. This fabric is perfect for pairing with the Neutral and Brown colour trend we see coming through this season and can be used for bedlinen, table cloths, napkins, cushions and more.

Back to Nature: Indoor plants are a huge trend this Summer, not only do they instantly boost your mood and add style to a room, they also clean the air we breathe and create a sense of calm. A plant or two can instantly add sophistication and ambience, and if you’re not a green thumb, artificial plants are the next best thing.

Rattan Pendant Light: Rattan is all the rage this Summer and an easy and affordable way to bring this trend into your home decor is using woven pendant lights that radiate a fresh, beachy vibe!

Colour Trends

Pastels: Think 80s pastel interior trends, light and bright and perfect for the warmer months.

All kinds of Green: A return to nature, to surround yourself with the colour of trees and indoor plants is what everyone is craving right now. A retreat from the digital world we live in. You can’t go wrong with any kind of plants with textured or patterned leaves. Finish it off with a mix of fabrics, artwork and colours that are inspired by nature.

Neutrals and Browns: Light and fresh neutrals paired with textures for a casual coastal feel are always a hit in summertime.

Mustard: A splash of mustard to lift a darker moody colour scheme is very on trend at the moment. Pair with navy or charcoal to make the mustard really pop.

Rattan Pendant Light