MOJO Duplex Webinar FAQs

mojo homes duplex webinar

Last week MOJO Homes held their first Duplex Webinar - Duplex building made easy. We’re happy to report it was a huge success with over 100 attendees. The webinar was catered to those who are interested in building a Duplex design for reasons including investing, multigenerational living or living in one and living off the other - all of which are popular options for future proofing your build, especially in metropolitan areas.

During the Duplex webinar we had a live Q&A running where our Duplex Specialist, Ed Campbell answered each of the attendee’s questions as they came through. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions from the webinar, in case you missed it.

Q. What is the minimum lot size to build a Duplex?

A. This is council specific however, under the new Low Rise Housing Diversity Code, where a council does not specify a minimum lot size requirement, the minimum lot size will be 400m2 with a 15m frontage. You can generally find this information in the local environment plan.

Q. What is the Low Rise Housing Diversity Code and how does it affect Duplex builds?

A. The Low Rise Housing Diversity Code formerly known as the Low Rise Medium Density Housing Code facilitates a diverse range of housing, including Duplex designs. The Code allows well designed dual occupancies to be carried out under a fast track complying development approval.

The recently implemented Code makes it a lot easier to build Duplex Homes. The new code allows for dual occupancies, provided they meet all relevant requirements, to be fast tracked, meaning an approval can be sought through a private certifier and issued within 20 days.

Q. Is there a cost for the site inspection?

A. No, if your land qualifies there is no cost involved in the site inspection. MOJO will organise a detailed site inspection and town planning assessment to assess your land for free.

Q. Can you build a Duplex home on a sloping block?

A. Yes, we can however your site must be assessed first to evaluate the nature of the block.

Q. I’m tossing up between building a Duplex or an Apartment for an investment. Would a Duplex be a better option for investment purposes?

A. When you’re looking at building for investment purposes, one of the advantages of building a Duplex is that it produces strong value growth, as the land value component goes up over time. Plus, building a Duplex means you have the cost of one build with two separate dwellings, allowing you to generate two rental returns or live in one and live off the other.

For more advice on investing in a Duplex Home, speak to our expert in finance, John Berghella from MyChoice Home Loans.


Q. Do I have to pick the same inclusions in both sides of the duplex? Or can I choose upgrades in one side only and keep the other side standard?

A. Both sides of the Duplex include the MOJO MORE standard inclusions however you can upgrade one or both sides of the Duplex with upgrade packages from the ICONIC Collection. You can even select different colour combinations for each side if you wish. If you’re interested in building a Duplex Home and would like to know more, please book an appointment with MOJO’s Duplex Specialist Ed.


Keep an eye out on the events page on our website for upcoming events, including our next Building with MOJO webinar on Tuesday, 18th August.