Choosing the right façade


Your façade can set the tone for the rest of your Home. First impressions matter, so choosing the perfect façade for your new Home is important. 


Some councils or estates may have specific guidelines for your choice of design. You may find that some styles, materials or colours are not permitted. We recommend checking these guidelines prior to looking at façade designs. 


Reflect your personal style with your choice of materials on your façade. Combine accents of natural materials such as stone and timber, which will add an extra wow factor. Dynamic facades can be created using a range of different elements. If you are after a rendered finish to make your home stand out from the crowd, consider building with Hebel. Hebel is made from aerated concrete and has great thermal and acoustic benefits, it’s also kind to the environment. It is a good idea to look for inspiration in new estates as well as our display homes. 


Add some colour and have some fun with paint to bring out your personality in your façade. It is important to think about tones that are easy to manage as well as tie in with the aesthetic of the rest of your home. Choose between light and dark colours to create texture or varying shade of one colour to create depth. 
On our website, you can see your chosen design with different façades, this will help visualise exactly how your new home will look. 


If you plan to sell your home in the future, kerb appeal is vital in making your home attractive to a potential buyer. Consider choosing a façade that will stand the test of time, a design you don’t see outdating quickly and will ensure your home is looking its best in years to come. 
It is also a great idea to take cue from neighbouring houses in the street, thus complementing the houses around the area you live in. 


Make your home a centrepiece with strategic placements of lighting that will highlight key features. 

Landscaping can have a positive impact on the first impression of your home. Keep in mind during the process of picking your façade, what landscaping options you may have available that will complement the overall build. This is an important factor.  


An overlooked component when selecting a façade design is considering the maintenance involved with different types of facades. Some may require more frequent maintenance than others. Take into consideration how often you want to spend time and money ensuring your facades looks as good as new over time. 
Your location will play a big influence on what style you may select. Selecting a façade that complements the natural environment and doesn’t clash with the landscape is ideal. 


At MOJO Homes we take a lot of guidelines into consideration when designing our homes, doing a lot of the hard work for you. This means that added extras that are sometimes required to comply with design guidelines are often covered in our façade price. You can thank us later!
All our new home designs come with multiple façade options, so, when it’s time to choose your façade, have a bit of fun and live passionately – we can show you how!