Autumn Styling Tips

Layering heavier fabrics

We’ve put together some easy and affordable tips to update your home for the change of season! Keep reading to find out how you can style your home for the cooler months.

Replace summery scents for earthy aromas

It’s time to put your coconut and lime scented candles away and purchase some new fragrances that make you think of Autumn. Use essential oil diffuser’s for more of an organic, earthy aroma such as sandalwood or cedarwood. Or you may prefer a scented candle that brings comfort and warmth for hours on end, including caramel, cinnamon, or roasted almond. This is an affordable and easy way of updating your home for the change of season.

Rich, Autumnal tones

Choose warm, rich colours that contrast nicely with white walls and light furnishings around your home. Buy some new cushions, a quilt cover, or a new rug with varied tones of brown, mocha, or gold. For something a bit bolder, try adding in some ocher, orange, or yellow tones to liven up a space. These colours bear a resemblance to Autumn leaves and will perfectly set the mood for a change of season.

A touch of copper

Copper can add a great touch to any room in the home and resembles warm colours of Autumn. Look for statement pieces like copper pendants, side table, stand lamps, decorative pots and vases or even decorative bowls that can be used as a statement piece in the centre of the Dining table. Copper goes well with either an industrial or rustic look, which are both sub styles of Urban.

Add layers and embrace heavier fabrics

Bust out Granny’s quilted blanket and your favourite chunky knitted throw because that added texture and extra layer of warmth won’t go astray now that the mornings and evenings are getting cooler. Whether it’s for your couch, bed, or occasional chair, layering heavier fabrics around your home will create a cosy feeling and make any space feel extra homey.

Sunny corners

Make the most of the Autumn sun by finding the perfect spot in your home or Outdoor Living area which gets the most rays of sunshine to soak up and enjoy! Decorate the area with a cosy seating spot, using a nice occasional chair indoors or a cushioned bench seat for outdoors. Now all you need is a good book and a cup of tea and you’re all set – enjoy!

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Autumn leaves

Knitted throws