At Mojo we are made with love and our mission is to spread it. We are passionate, enthusiastic, brave, bold, clever, creative and kind. We are excited and honoured to partner with people to bring their dreams to life. We imagine and create in the hope that you might recognise your Mojo in one of our homes.

We strive to build homes that hug you like a warm embrace and encourage you to stay. We make spaces for fun, rooms for relaxation and areas where families and friends create memories that last a lifetime. We never accept the status quo and always look for ways to be different.

We embrace our sense of play and create homes that happily host cartwheeling, dancing and the odd teenage disco. There’s also plenty of room for optional wrestling and remote control car racing in any room of the house, or the back yard if you prefer. We love what you do with what we create. It inspires us every day to put our hearts and souls into designing and building homes that breath love, passion and fun. And we feel pretty damn proud every time someone finds their Mojo in one of our homes.